EVACB series wall set AC charging pile

[ Time:2019-08-01]
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   EVACB series wall set AC charging pile adopts wall set design which looks simple and elegant and with stable frame layout. It is with complete protecting functions such as protection for emergency stop, protection for over/under voltage, production for overcurrent, protection for PWM anomaly, protetion for connection anomaly and other protection mechanism.  Two plugs are designed independently without interference, it can be applied for residence community, industrial zone, highway service areas, parking lots, and other charging places.  It is an efficient DC charging device that provides power supply for new energy vehicles with on-board chargers.

EVACB series wall set AC charging pile
Input voltage: Single-phase 220V(AC)
Current rating 32A
Frequency rating 50±5Hz
Power rating 7KW
 Charing mode Auto-full charge、 Time mode、 Amperage mode、 Amount mode、 Appointment mode
 Display  4.3 inch highlight touch panel
Charging way Password to start、Plug and charge、Credit to start、 Scan QR code to start
Working Temperature -20℃~ +50℃
Relative humidity permission 0~95%(non- condensation)
 Maximum altitude permission 2000M
Overvoltage protection action rating ≥264Vac
 Undervoltage protection action rating ≤176Vac
Short-circuit protection Unrecoverable, manual intervention is required
Leakage protection action rating 30mA
 Leakage protection action rating time ≤0.1s)
 Communication Interface RS-485、Ethernet、 GPRS、 4G
Charging interface standard GB/T20234‐2015 By National standard GB/T20234‐2015 requested
IP grade IP54
Size (mm) 400 X 285 X 190
Weight(kG) ≤15KG