Warmly welcome Shao Dian, the deputy mayor of Shaoyang City, to visit Jingneng New Energy Co., Ltd.

Time:2019-08-07 Click: Times Source:Jingneng New
On the morning of July 21, 2019, Cai Dianwei, executive deputy mayor of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, Zhou Feipengsheng, secretary of the Economic Development Zone Committee, and Wang Chaoqun, director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, and other leaders visited Jingneng New Energy, and the chairman of Jingneng New Energy Cao Jinfang and General Manager Wu Ruiqiang hosted the visiting leaders. Through inspections and visits, the leaders fully affirmed the research and development strength of our company and gave guidance to our work.
Accompanied by Mr. Cao Jinfang, the chairman of our company, and Mr. Wu Ruiqiang, the general manager of the company, the executive deputy mayor Cai Dianwei of Shaoyang City and his party visited our charging pile research and development center, charging pile product exhibition hall, production workshop and office environment. Our production environment and advanced charging equipment were praised, and then we had an in-depth discussion in the VIP reception room.
Mr. Cao Jinfang, Chairman of the Board of Directors, first expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders. Subsequently, Mr. Qiu Shijun, Director of R&D, then gave a detailed introduction on the construction, operation and business model of the charging (pile) station. Mr. Qiu Shijun said that based on the deep understanding of the application requirements of electric vehicle charging piles, Jingneng New Energy has developed a variety of intelligent charging equipment that meets the charging needs of different types of electric vehicles based on the safety, reliability and usability of products.

For the Jingneng charging pile, the executive deputy mayor Cai Dianwei of Shaoyang City and his party showed a strong interest. Vice Mayor Cai Dianwei said that in the low-carbon development today, new energy vehicles have gradually become new fashions and are being used by more and more people. The popularity of charging piles is the difficulty to overcome the full popularity of new energy vehicles. "Seeing Jingneng New Energy as a high-tech enterprise, constantly exerting efforts in product R&D and innovation, grasping the market development trend, and researching and developing so many products in the field of new energy, providing such high-quality products for individuals and enterprises, for the country's green Development and ecological civilization contribute more power and are highly commendable.

Jingneng New Energy follows the development concept of “independent innovation and leading the future”. The company has advanced core technology and a strong R&D team, and has a complete product range. At present, Jingneng New Energy has developed and produced a variety of products, mainly including mobile DC charging piles, integrated DC charging piles, split DC charging piles, wall-mounted AC charging piles, column-type AC charging piles, vertical AC charging piles, Lithium battery charger, etc. Each product is carefully crafted to provide customers with the most superior user experience and the best quality assurance. At the same time, according to market demand, in line with the principle of customer-centered, the company will continue to research and develop more new products to meet market demand.

The visit and guidance of the leaders not only recognized the achievements of Jingneng New Energy, but also inspired Jingneng New Energy to look forward to the future and pursue excellence. It provided the development of China's new energy automobile industry with the best products and services. Strong support.