Warmly welcome Wang Yonghong, secretary of the Longhui County Party Committee, to visit Jingneng New Energy

Time:2019-08-07 Click: Times Source:Jingneng New
On the afternoon of July 20, 2019, Mr. Wang Yonghong, Secretary of Longhui County Committee of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, Mr. Tan Min, Deputy County Magistrate of County People's Government, Mr. Zhang Xiaoqing, Director of County High-tech Zone Management Committee, Mr. Liao Zhifu, Director of County Science and Technology Bureau, etc. The leader of the company, accompanied by Mr. Cao Jinfang, the chairman of our company, visited our company.

During the visit, Mr. Qiu Shijun, Director of R&D, gave a detailed introduction to the construction and operation of the charging (pile) station and the R&D and development plan of our future charging piles. The leaders expressed their technical innovation in the field of electric vehicle charging. Certainly, it gave high praise to Jingneng New Energy to actively serve the society in energy conservation and emission reduction, actively serve green travel, and actively carry out the construction of new energy electric vehicle charging service network.

Subsequently, accompanied by Mr. Cao Jinfang, the chairman of our company, the leading cadres of Longhui City visited our charging pile research and development center, charging pile product exhibition hall, production workshop and office environment. The leaders of our company have a production environment and advanced environment. Charging device expresses praise.

After field visits and communication with Jingneng New Energy, the leaders of Longhui County fully affirmed and highly appraised our company's product design, production capacity, research and development capabilities and product quality, and hoped that the company could continuously improve its comprehensive strength. We will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of “Jingyi strive for perfection and do everything we can” to provide users with the highest quality products and services, make outstanding contributions to the human green economy, and provide strong support for the development of China's new energy automobile industry.