Weijing Operation management platform of charging

Operational Management Platform

Based on the concept of "cloud service", we set up the infrastructure at the "cloud end” for operation management platform of charging, and through the way of IoT (Internet of things) to realize connecting the charging pile and charging station at the “cloud” platform, building up an eco-shared operation platform for charging service, for both Jingneng charging pile and other different kinds of charging piles owner. Charging services, operation management, clearing trade transaction and other business or service can be provided to meet the various demands coming from charging business and service.

  • Private cloud

    Aiming at medium and large charging operators and customers that have the request for customization, private cloud provides cloud service and solution for charging operation management which is customizable at platform level, also provides “just for you” service including monitoring system for its charging site management, mobile charging APP, WeChat official account and charging etc., to ensure that our partners can grow up with us together and obtain win-win.

  • Public cloud

    Public cloud is an operation management platform of charging especially serve for small-scale charging operators, commercial property, property management companies and individual charging pile owners. This platform has independent intellectual property rights. Through IoT, it perfectly combines offline charging piles with online monitoring, payment and management, which realize that integration of people with the charging pile, and unmanned management.